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25 Sep

Now You Can be Properly Nude! Flesh Tone Colours For All


What is skin coloured? And who’s skin do they even model ‘skin colour’ from? Most females (and some men) have had that moment where we try on a flesh tone singlet, bra, flats or get some stockings home only to discover we then look like a sick two-toned doll. #notsonude

In the past year demand for proper ranges of flesh tones has seen Christian Louboutin expand nude ranges “from porcelain to deep chocolate” and lingerie brands such as Naja challenging the nude norm with 7 new nude shades. Even Apple changed their emoji’s to reflect different skin tones! (but we all get confused and just choose the weird Simpsons yellow). However now there is Flesh, a website dedicated to the pursuit of skin and nude toned products offering affordable to high end skin colour combinations.


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Flesh is described as “part blog, part fashion and lifestyle directory, part online community” and intended to be something of an Amazon for nude products. The website features a curated collection of brands catering for different skin tones, from fashion and beauty, such as tights and cosmetics, to children’s products, all in a wide mix of shades and to suit all budgets.


Flesh was created by Ade, an Australia-based lawyer and professional dancer who become frustrated by a ‘one beige fits all’ approach when trying to find stockings to match her complexion for a samba performance. She told Elle, that the lightbulb moment went off when her daughter come home from kindergarten one day asking if it’d be “better” for her to have long, straight hair instead of her afro. Ade immediately went scouring the web for toys and books that’d reflect her daughter’s image in a positive way, that’s when the idea struck. Why wasn’t there one place online where she could find kids’ products, fashion, beauty, dancewear, and other everyday items?

Then Flesh was born!’s Motto

“Here at Flesh, beige is not our one-size-fits-all, our ‘normal’, our ‘nude,’ or our starting point,” according to the site. “We assume nothing… You do not need to explain anything to us about your skin color and your needs. We get it.”

We love that the site features a good cross section of brands that suit all budgets, making the not so beige approach affordable, but still featuring designer brands for those wanting a bit of a splurge. #FancyFleshtone

Laboutin ballet flats. Image source Instagram


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