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8 May

Missguided Launches Affordable Wedding Dresses

Weddings are stressful and expensive! You start off trying to stick to a budget and that you won’t turn into a bridezilla in a giant meringe dress but as you start to research and plan everything you become more and more obsessed with every little detail and realise that you totes need to spend half of your life-savings on a dress so you look like a freaking beautiful, majestic and sexy queen. Yup MAJESTIC damn it! And obviously your happiness is worth it?

The reality is on the day you’ll wish you’d put all your money into the catering and drinks so everyone can properly enjoy the loved-up fest with you in truly spectacular boozy style. Well fast fashion brand Missguided, famous for their affordable body con dresses and home of the perfect midi dress have just released their own version of affordable wedding dresses starting at just $59.50 US!


According to Missguided, “Friends don’t let friends wear ugly dresses”,  so they launched a new bridal wear collection aptly titled ‘Missbrided’. We like their punny humor. The range now features 18 dresses in traditional whites and delicate laces, through to fierce metallics and modern sexy silhouettes with an alluring price tag.

Missguided isn’t the first fast fashion online retailer to jump into the affordable wedding space, last year ASOS launched its wedding dress collection joining the likes of Monsoon, Phase Eight, Ted Baker and Coast.

However, don’t despair Bridesmaid’s and wedding guests, they have you sorted too! Woohoo brides, that obviously means mo money for your wedding gift right?

Here’s a peak of some of their range. Don’t let the vegas style fool you, if you check out their website, the range actually looks total class.

Missguided wedding dresses

missguided wedding dress

missguided wedding dress 2

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