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The Free Yayoi Kasuma Exhibition You Can't Miss!
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4 Feb

The Free Yayoi Kasuma Exhibition You Can’t Miss!

There’s something refreshing about going to an art exhibition where you don’t have to read the plaque on the wall to know what the hell is going on or have to use words like ‘juxtaposition’ to sound like you fit in.  When you see the ‘Life is the Heart of a Rainbow’ exhibition by Japanese artist Yayoi Kasuma you’re smacked in the face with bright colour, polka dots, pumpkins and some seriously impressive infinity rooms that leave you in awe. It’s bright, immersive and exciting- everything art should be.

The acclaimed exhibition curates some of Kasuma’s most famous works since the 1950’s. ‘Groovy’ is the first word that springs to mind and it’s blatantly easy to see how this pint-sized art maestro grew in popularity throughout the sixties. Of course there is subtext and hidden meanings to her work, but what I LOVE is how accessible and enjoyable this exhibition is whether you choose to delve into a deeper meaning or not. In fact the artworks are so fascinating and bold that it makes you actually want to know more.

Now, I have a confession…I didn’t know who Yayoi Kasuma was before I want to this exhibition (my high school art teacher would be death staring me right now). I’d seen some of her works in pop culture reference and books, but had no knowledge of the zany and wonderful artist that she is. However, the exhibition was so digestible and enthralling I felt like Kasuma was a close friend by the end of it.

The exhibition showcases Kasuma’s development as an artist including her early paintings, a multi-decade presentation of her celebrated ‘net’ paintings, giant sculptures, the must-see’ mirrored infinity rooms and large-scale installations of her later career. Needing some Insta inspo? This exhibition will win some serious cred on your socials! Get yourself to QAGOMA in Brisbane by the 11th of February for this completely FREE exhibition that will change your opinion of art!

THE DEETS- Yayoi Kasuma

What: ‘Life is the heart of the rainbow’ exhibition by Yayoi Kasuma

When: Until 11th of February 2018

Where: QAGOMA, Brisbane

Cost: FREE

What to Expect: Bright colours, giant sculptures, ‘grammable AF infinity rooms

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