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Award Winning Wines You Need to Try for Under $15
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8 Dec

Award Winning Wines You Need to Try for Under $15

You might be the kind of wine drinker who just has the occasional glass of red to accompany a fine dining experience, OR you could be that guy at the bottle shop every Saturday night desperately searching for the booziest drop for the lowest dollar. Either way, we can all appreciate a good bargain.

Gone are the days of needing bucket loads of cash to call yourself a wine snob, with wines under $15 stealing top prizes at prestigious wine competitions, any of us can call ourselves a connoisseur. We’ve gone on a hunt and found you our 6 fave award winning wines for under $15. #AccessibleCrushedGrapes

1) South Point Estate Rosé- $4.99

Since 2013, this wine has earned itself 13 different awards. Honestly just when you thought ALDI couldn’t get any better, they serve up this. This baby is described as a classic dry styled Rose, with loads of ripe summer berries and a crisp clean finish.

Perfect for a hot summers day – serve this delight at your next pool party this summer and you’re bound to be everyone’s new best friend! (The fact it’s only $4.99 will be our little secret 😉). Available directly through Aldi stores.

2016/17 Awards: 3 ½ Stars – Winestate, March/April 2016

Want to try the  latest Rosé trend- then try our Frosé recipe! 

2) Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc- $11.95

Want to sound fancy at your next dinner party? Fill up a glass full of this bad boy and say things like “ahh… this wine is so full with great length of palate… a succulent mouth-feel balanced with fresh acidity”. After 5 glasses you’ll be saying things like “I bloody love this wine.”

Honestly the cred this award wining wine will give you is priceless. Best $11.95 you will ever spend! Available at Dan Murphy’s.

2016/17 Awards: Gold Medal – Sydney International Wine Competition 2016

3) St Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon- $6

Award Winning Wines Under $15- St Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon

Are you a fan of creamy pasta dishes, roast meat dishes or just a good old BBQ? Rhetorical question, as the answer is obvs yes. This wine will perfectly accompany any of these meals. Its described as having aromas of black cherry with undertones of plum, cranberry AND intense flavours of cinnamon and toasted oak, with balanced acidity and soft tannins. At $6 it’s a steal and definitely worth the inclusion in our fave award winning wines! Available at Vintage Cellars.

2016/17 Awards: “Double gold” medal – Melbourne International Wine Competition

Love wine so much you could bathe in it? Turns out you can!

4) 2015 Red Knot Shiraz- $10

If you love Shiraz, this is the wine for you. I’m talking a deep blackberry concentration swathed in supporting red fruits, dark plums, complex spices, and more aniseed than previous editions. Yeah, it’s yummy! In 2016 alone, this wine picked up 3 different awards across the globe. Available at Dan Murphy’s.

2016/17 Awards: China Wine & Spirit Awards Best Value 2016; Gold medal – Royal Hobart International Wine Show, class 23, 2016; Syrah du Monde, France 2017

Want to camp among a Shiraz vineyard? Find out where!

5) Marlborough Sounds Sauvignon Blanc – $14.99

This wine is for those of you who like a cheeky Sav Blanc….oh and an aromatic white with a bit of complexity. It has a restrained flavour profile of nuanced and evenly ripened stone fruits. If that doesn’t have your mouth watering we don’t really know what will.

This affordable little number has picked up not one… not two… but three awards internationally in 2016 alone. PLUS its less than $15, so deciding whether or not to buy this is a no-brainer. Available at Dan Murphy’s.

2016/17 Awards: Trophy – International Aromatic Wine Show; Gold Medal – International Aromatic Wine Show; Blue Gold – Sydney International Wine Competition 2016

6) One Road South Australian & Heathcote Shiraz – $6.99

And yet again ALDI are whetting our budget-conscious whistle. It’s hard to comprehend how a bottle worth only $6.99 has picked up multiple awards over the years! This wine is a medium bodied red, clean and fruit driven with aromas or plum and spice, this wine is exceptionally balanced (if you hold a glass in each hand). Available from Aldi.

2016/17 Awards: Double Gold & Best Value Shiraz of the Year – 2017 Melbourne International Wine Competition

Did you know Aldi also has a Rosé that was named one of the best in the world? Find out which one!

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Claudia Ferne

Claudia is travel obsessed - whether it’s a weekend trip to the beach or a fortnight in Asia you can count her in (especially if there's a bargain involved!). She's got a dangerously strong sweet tooth but her love for all things sporty helps to counter act any sugar binges (just).

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