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26 Feb

20 European Countries Where Airbnb is Cheaper Than a Hotel!

When it comes time to book accommodation for your European getaway, one of the first decisions to make is whether to book a European hotel or an Airbnb. Should you go with a good ol’ fashioned hotel room (hello room service!), or do you opt for a quirky Airbnb, providing a unique travel experience?

If you’re travelling on a budget, or simply want to save some cash for the fun stuff (e.g. food, attractions…cocktails!) then you’ll find this research Vouchercloud has done very enticing! They’ve found the top 20 countries in Europe where you’ll save a lot of money opting for an Airbnb to rest your head over a European hotel.


Imagine spending your mornings lounging around in this magical living room! Not only is this a home away from home, but also provides the perfect backdrop for all your insta pics 😉

Don’t even THINK about booking a hotel when travelling to Valletta, Malta. The average European hotel room here will cost you a whopping 125% more than an Airbnb. That’s a saving of around A$120 a night!

Check out this featured Airbnb listing in Valetta, Malta HERE.


I wasn’t aware I needed a personal patio jungle in my Lisbon apartment until now… With a 94% price increase between Airbnb and hotels, the choice is obvious.

Check out this featured Airbnb listing in Lisbon, Portugal HERE.


This picture looks like it’s been plucked out of Pinterest, not Airbnb. Booking a European Airbnb such as this in Bern, is on average 82% cheaper than a hotel. Think of all the extra cash you can put in the chocolate fund…

Check out this featured Airbnb listing in Bern, Switzerland HERE.


This bedroom is absolute Parisian apartment goals! And it’s going to be around 65% cheaper than your average French hotel. How is this even real?

This featured Airbnb listing in Paris, France is for a room in a boutique hotel, however you can also see a super affordable and chic listing HERE that will blow you away.


The average hotel room in Madrid is around 59% more expensive than an Airbnb. On top of all the savings, there’s no way you’d find a hotel room with a spiral staircase leading up to your bedroom!

Check out this featured Airbnb listing in Madrid, Spain HERE.

See the top 20 countries below, where you need to jump onto Airbnb to get the best value.

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Claudia is travel obsessed - whether it’s a weekend trip to the beach or a fortnight in Asia you can count her in (especially if there's a bargain involved!). She's got a dangerously strong sweet tooth but her love for all things sporty helps to counter act any sugar binges (just).

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