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24 Jul

The Most Instagrammed Cities in the World


Instagram, known for its infinite sea of pouty selfies and foodie flat lays also makes a hero out of travel, adventure and exotic destinations. How else do you make everyone jealous and thinking you travel like a celeb unless it’s on Insta?

It’s the life you wish you had, and that’s just talking about your own feed (wink wink).  However, there is an official top 10 cities list that has more double taps than anywhere else in the world. So if you’re planning on being #instafamous you might want to change your holiday plans asap! And if you’re not, it’s a pretty cool way to check out some places from multiple perspectives….in amongst the pouty selfies of course *mwa*

Hoppa, a travel and transportation site, released data on the most Instagrammed cities in the world with New York at the top of the list. In fact  the study noted there are around 150,000 Instagram photos posted in New York City per day. However if you want to gain likes it appears Los Angeles, Bangkok, London, Taipei City and Miami top the list for Insta-fame likes on uploaded pics.

Here are the most Instagrammed cities in the world:

1) New York City

Image source, Instagram @hradeckarealitni

2) London

London Luxury Heist Instagram

Image source, Instagram @dearbinod

3) Paris

Paris Luxury Heist Instagram

Image source, Instagram @yaxou

4) Dubai

Dubai Luxury Heist

Image source © Luxury Heist (@luxury_heist)

5) Los Angeles

Los Angles Luxury Heist Instagram

Image source, Instagram @slumdogjillianaire

6) Istanbul

Istanbul Luxury Heist Instagram

Image source, Instagram @furlan_bruno

7) Miami

ocean drive miami instagram

Image Source, Shutterstock

8) Las Vegas

Las Vegas Luxury Heist

Image source Shutterstock

9) Barcelona

Barcelona Luxury Heist 2

Image source © Luxury Heist (@luxury_heist)

10) Moscow

Moscow Luxury Heist Instagram

Image source, Instagram @vikatis14

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Em Pryor

Em is a digital ninja that has a compulsive sweet tooth which she tries to fill in the form of Espresso Martini’s. She loves travel, writing, taking photos and also has an unhealthy obsession with the colour aqua. Don’t let her girly exterior fool you, as a qualified dive master Em enjoys the outdoors and isn’t afraid of getting cosy with a shark or two!

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