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Tuesday is the Cheapest Time to Fly! - Luxury Heist
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18 May

Tuesday is the Cheapest Time to Fly!

Turns out a Tuesday in October 2017 is the cheapest time to fly.

If you want some bang for your travel buck, then it’s looks like Cheap Tuesday lives up to its rep!

Most of us favour Friday when we choose which day to fly out. And why not? As wanderlust travellers, who wouldn’t want to maximise our time away from the office by flying out at the start of a weekend. However, a recent report from Cheapflights.com.au analysed the results of 13.5 million flight searches over a one year period and found that Tuesday is the cheapest time to fly. Good news for bargain hungry Aussies who collectively racked up the equivalent of 8 years per month searching for the best fares to escape and explore.

Whether you’re living on a uni student budget, love a good ol’ bargain, trying to maximise your travel time or overspent at Kmart’s latest sale (hey! You’re only human), we’ve found the cheapest times to grab a bargain.

It comes as no surprise that the Australian Summer (December and January) is the most expensive time to fly and Friday is the most expensive day to travel, but other than the excessive amount of recent public holidays, who gets a Monday or Tuesday off? Never fear, here’s how to save in areas you wouldn’t suspect.


Choose the Cheapest Days and Month

If you can, departing on a Tuesday is up to 8% cheaper than departing on a Friday. Now, I know we just said you probably won’t get a Tuesday off,  so if you can’t, travelling on a Saturday is the next best option, with a possible saving of 6%. If Summer is too expensive but you can’t imagine venturing out into the cold weather, October is your next best option. Not only is October warmer, it is also the cheapest month to travel!

Google Flights can also help you discover the cheapest times to travel.

A Different Airport Can Save You Heaps

Another great money saver for anyone looking to keep some extra cash in their pocket is to consider the airport you use. No matter what country, hundreds of $$ could be saved just by choosing an alternate airport according to the Cheapflights.com.au data.

In the United Arab Emirates, flights into Dubai’s international airport are about $141 cheaper than to Abu Dhabi. And those who favour the popular ‘same same but different’ destination of Thailand could save an average of $300 per person if you choose airports in Phuket or Bangkok over Koh Samui.

When’s the Best Time to Book?

Now, obviously the best time to book is circumstantial and dependent on your ideal destination. However, it’s no surprise the closer to the departure date you book, the more expensive your flight will be, particularly if you are super unorganised (less than 1 week).

What you probably didn’t know, is that if you book more than 6 months out on a domestic flight, you generally aren’t really saving at all, as the findings suggest it’s more expensive. For domestic flights, booking anytime from two weeks to five months out is enough to keep you within 3% of the lowest average fare.

If you’re a globe-trotter, the cheapest international flights are found when booking 3-6 months out. For Asia, the cheapest time to book is 1-3 months’ pre-departure.


So what did we learn:

  • Booking on a Tuesday is cheapest day for flights
  • If travelling on a weekend Saturday is cheaper than Friday
  • October is the cheapest month to fly
  • The best time to book national flights for maximum savings is 2 weeks to 5 months out
  • If you want to travel internationally, get yourself booked in 3-6 months in advance
  • Sometimes choosing nearby alternative airports could save you hundreds of dollars
  • Beer, wine and bubbly always tastes more expensive at 10 000 feet in the air (well it does!)

So, there you have it, how to fly on a budget. With all that money you’ll save, you can definitely splurge on vacay happy hour!

Pair this info with our DL on the World’s Cheapest Beaches and you may never return to work!

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