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28 Jun

Bill Cunningham, Photography Icon

One of the most influential and iconic street photographers to date and a beloved fixture in the streets of New York, Bill Cunningham sadly passed away on Saturday 26th,  leaving the world mourning his sunny smile and ability to capture the ever changing social and cultural plight of everyday people. A self-taught observer of the street, Bill expertly documented and instilled influence in the stylish, overtly flamboyant, kitsch and eclectic fashion in the streets of New York. He had an ability to capture the public's plight, their busy lives and reflective style in a way that turned the fashion industry around. Image source @badboybehaviour Bill Cunningham was hailed the ‘Father of Street Style’.  He was an unintentional celebrity whom influenced...
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4 Jun

24 Hours in Milan, the Must Do list!

Stop. Breathe. You’ve made it to the fashion capital of the world. #Bam Step 1: Start your search for your next unique piece of boutique European fashion. Go immediately to the Corso Buenos Aires. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200 (ok, you may need that $200 for shopping). It boasts the highest concentration of clothing stores in Europe. Step 2: Eat like royalty. Milan is a foodie heaven – stick with me and you will be able to spend those extra couple of extra Euro’s on that dress (there’s always one). Step 3: Who am I kidding? There is no step 3.

In Italy, they add work and life on to food and wine. -Robin Leach

  Morning coffee  San Pietro Cafe If...
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