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1 Jun

$8 Aldi Rosé Named One of The Best Wines In The World!

Whether you’re a wine snob with an appreciation for a fine drop or a uni student whose budget extends to a bottle of Passion Pop, the playing field has been leveled with Aldi taking out an international win for their $8 bottle of Côtes de Provence Rosé.

The $8 Aldi rosé has just legitimately won a prestigious silver medal at the International Wine Challenge, dubbed as ‘the Oscars of the wine industry’. For those of you with limited wine knowledge, rosé  is the ‘pink coloured’ stuff. So, it turns out price isn’t always an indicator of swank and quality when it comes to a good wine (yay!).

Aldi stuck it to the fancy pants wine labels, beating other bottles that were 5 times its price to take out a place at the coveted awards.

“We have been working closely with renowned winemaker Jean Claude Mas to change perceptions around French wine, which is often perceived as expensive and intimidating, so it is fantastic to see some of these products acknowledged as some of the best in the world,” Tony Baines, the Joint Managing Director of Corporate Buying at Aldi, told The Sun UK.

The affordable Aldi Rosé had to make it through several rounds of rigorous blind sampling (how the heck do you land that gig?) by a panel of 10 wine snobs from the International Wine Challenge who assess its faithfulness to style, region and vintage.

Personally, my tasting criteria would have been: ‘faithfulness to being tasty AF, enhances the consumption of chocolate and cheese, ability to leave you with a hangover under 4/10’. Either way, it sounds like the Aldi Côtes de Provence Rosé still would have rated against both sets of judging.


Where Can I Stock Up?

Sadly, Aldi is depriving the taste buds and wallets of Australians, with the award-winning bottle not yet available for sale here. But don’t flip out! You can pick up a bottle of their South Point Estate Rosé, which has won 14 awards since 2013. The best part is, this tasty Aldi Rosé will only set you back a fiver!

What a time to be alive and on a limited budget.

Once you’ve picked yourself up a bottle of Aldi Rosé, you need to try our Frosé Recipe!


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