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9 Jun

Australia’s First Capsule Hotel Opens in Sydney and it’s Luxe!

Australia’s first capsule hotel has just opened in Sydney’s CBD, taking flashpacking to glamorous and futuristic new levels. The Capsule Hotel has turned a no-frills concept into an upscale experience.  This unique style of accommodation combines state-of-the-art capsule rooms with the hotel’s 1920 vintage style, without burning a hole in your wallet.

Where modern meets vintage

What’s Included in Your Stay?

So, what is in these capsule’s you may ask? The Capsule Hotel is effectively a luxurious crash pad (or pod), featuring  LED lights, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, complimentary tea and coffee, an in-room safe, linen, mirror and a flat screen TV, all starting at an affordable price of $50 a night.

The outside of the capsule rooms

Plus, you have the use of trendy light-filled share spaces including bathrooms, a funky kitchen and chill out areas, all themed in 1920’s style #vintageglam

Th funky kitchen
The art deco inspired bathroom

Capsule Hotel’s Have Been Around Since When?

Whilst this is the first capsule hotel to open in Oz, the idea originated from Japan, where the first capsule hotel was created in the 1970’s. The initial concept was conceived by Japanese workers who grew tired of paying for upmarket hotels and simply wanted a bed for the night. Australia now joins Europe, Singapore and China who have all recently opened capsule hotels in the past 5 years.

The idea of sleeping in a capsule may not appeal to everyone (particularly if you are claustrophobic). However, these trendy and cosy small rooms that measure a ‘roomy’ 1.1 metres wide and 2.1 metres high are finding favour with a niche travel and business market.

Inside a single bed capsule

They’re How Cheap?

Currently, The Capsule Hotel in Sydney is priced between a hostel and an Airbnb stay. Rooms start from $50 for a single bed capsule and range up to $70+ for a deluxe capsule with queen bed. It’s a spectacularly low price point when you realise these high-tech rooms are in the heart of Sydney, above the iconic Century Bar on George St.

Considering the cost of a budget hotel room in the CBD often starts triple this price, these capsules are sure to take Australia by storm, offering all your overnight needs and taste of futuristic luxury for next to nothing.

The Century Bar

Hotel designer Ed Kenny says “staying in The Capsule Hotel is like going back in time. I’ve tried to teleport visitors back to Sydney in the 1920s with the bar, and then added a futuristic vibe upstairs in the hotel.”

“It’s a different experience. It’s like being in a meditation tank.”

A trendy share space at The Capsule Hotel

If You’re One of These People You’ll Probably Want to Try It

Whilst these pads are not a superb idea for a romantic getaway or anniversary, they are perfect for the energetic traveller who simply wants a place to stay at night in comfort, before bouncing off to explore. It is also appealing to business people in the CBD, party goers and Friday drinks that turn into all-nighters to avoid an elevated cab or uber fare home.

This new style of stay is a suitable and trendy alternative for a modern-day stopover and is likely to change the way we travel in the future!

Check out the video below for a further sneak peak into the new capsule hotel!

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