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20 Sep

Ever Wondered What a $21,000 First Class Plane Trip Looks Like?


It’s the extra pointy end of the plane that dreams are made of, where you shimmy your way past the peasants in business class to a mystical place called First Class! (PS. Any airline reading this I will HAPPILY accept a Business Class upgrade or even an exit row).

Have you ever wondered exactly what First Class actually looks like? I know you’ve probs lost sleep over it I’m sure, but if you were in first class you can sleep FULL LENGTH to your hearts content with unlimited caviar according to Casey Neistat. The Vlogger recently got his Emirates flight from New York to Dubai upgraded to a (US)$21 000 First Class flight and humorously documented the whole thing from the personal pop up drinks bar to showering in a bathroom, 35 000 feet high. And no, he wasn’t even hired or paid by Emirates.

Understandably, Casey was pretty excited by his promotion to the high flying elite and was astonished when he researched the upgraded ticket cost online to find out it was worth a cool $21 635.50 USD. So he did what any good Vlogger would do, record every damn cool thing of his 14 hour flight (there’s quite a lot!) #megajelly. *Insert Ja Rule Livin It Up Music*

Casey described the Emirates First Class experience as being up there with when his children were born or when his son graduated high school.

Check out the full video below.

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